Dreams come true with beautiful Chuppah Rentals in Austin!

Dream big with your wedding planner and floral designer to come up with a unique design for your wedding ceremony. This beautiful wedding chuppah was designed by a fantastic vendor team including Remi + Gold, Highland Avenue Events, and Mancino Rentals!

Mancino Rentals has the most beautiful selection of chuppah rentals in Austin! The best local floral designers and wedding planners have been relying on the service and quality of our chuppah rentals in Austin since 2003.

Mancino custom chuppah rentals come in many sizes and styles to suit every wedding venue. Our chuppah rentals range anywhere from 4ft to 12 ft.  We can even custom make a chuppah to your specifications.  Mancino Rentals offers the best quality and price on chuppah rentals anywhere in Austin, San Antonio or the surrounding hill country.

Our Mancino Rentals Instagram , rentals in use and Facebook pages are full of even more beautiful inspiration!


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